Frequently Asked Question's

Why are there no prices listed?

Pricing the surplus chemical market is difficult, if not impossible to do. Market prices change like the stock market, and our prices reflect a substancial discount from that. Our sources change as well, and so does the quality of material. It is because of all these variables that it was determined to keep pricing on a personal basis, and conducted via the telephone or e-mail.

You don't have what I need

The surplus chemical market is not one normally associated with a steady supply of any one resource. But never fear, we appraise new material weekly so drop us a line describing your needs and we will contact you as soon as we find material suitable for you.

Can I link directly to your files?

No, please be courteous enough to link to the containing page. Contact Admin If you have further questions, or are in need of clarification.

This FAQ page will grow as more questions are asked. For anything not covered, Please contact the Admin