How To Contact The Ahart Chemical Co.

Shipping, Mailing, and Billing Address

Our Address is the same if you are sending us a truckload of material, or payment for your last purchase.

390 Adams St.
Newark, NJ 07114

Main Numbers:

The Team:

Denise Rodrigues

Denise Rodrigues has been with the Ahart/Rambach Corporation for over 15 years, but has been in the chemical industry for over 25. She has bought and sold allied raw materials for virtually every industry, and across the globe. Her product knowledge and customer service experience, combined with her personable approach, have brought her and Ahart Chemical much success. Denise can help you with sales, as well as answer any pre, or post-sales questions. You can contact Denise here.

Robert LoDato

Robert LoDato has been in the chemical industry for his entire professional life and is an expert in petrochemicals. He was the driving force behind the partnership of Ahart Chemical and The Rambach Corporation and has industry contacts around the world. Currently, Robert focuses on purchasing material, but can answer your queries on most any chemical related matter. Robert can help you with purchasing and sales related matters. You can contact Robert here.